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LA Chargers: Ranking Justin Herbert and all 16 AFC quarterbacks

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12. Mac Jones, New England Patriots

I still do believe that Tua Tagovailoa has more natural talent than the quarterback who took over for him at Alabama, Mac Jones. The difference between Jones and Tua is that Jones came into the perfect situation on the New England Patriots.

Jones seemed to be the front-runner for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award last season but he did hit a rookie wall and was not that great down the stretch nor in the playoffs for the Patriots. It will be interesting to see how he plays this season with Josh McDaniels now in Las Vegas.

Both Wilson and Tua could easily climb a few spots in this list. It is hard to see Jones climbing much, and quite frankly, I would not be totally surprised if he fell a few spots.

11. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

I know that he is a former MVP and is probably going to go to the Hall of Fame but Matt Ryan really is nothing special anymore. Falcons fans will point out a lack of talent or a poor offensive line for Ryan's struggles but he is not doing himself any favors, either.

Sure, Ryan's supporting cast was not the best last season but he has still had great weapons throughout his career and his decline as a player has been evident just from the eye test alone. If everything is going perfectly then Ryan can game-manage his way to wins, similar to Philip Rivers when he joined the Colts in 2020.

But the second any pressure gets on Ryan or things start to unfold his age and athleticism show up. In a stacked conference, Ryan simply falls short.