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Ranking the LA Chargers among all 16 teams in the AFC

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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The AFC has seen a lot of new talent this offseason and it is safe to say that the conference is far more talented and deeper than the NFC. It is a shame for the LA Chargers, who are going hard on this Super Bowl window during Justin Herbert's rookie contract window. If the Bolts were in the NFC then they would probably be the favorites to represent the conference in the Super Bowl.

Instead, they are in the loaded AFC West where there are 12 legitimate teams (by our count) that could make the seven playoff spots in 2021. Teams in the top five could miss the playoffs altogether; teams outside of the top 10 could make deep playoff runs.

We still have the 2022 NFL Draft, but as it stands right now, we can put together our concrete AFC power rankings.

Ranking the LA Chargers among all 16 AFC teams:

16. Jacksonville Jaguars

Bad teams are going to stay bad and the Jaguars are the perfect example of that. Despite having Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars have not given any reason to believe that they won't have the no. 1 overall pick for the third year in a row.

The team spent in free agency but it spent poorly, signing Christian Kirk to the worst deal of the entire offseason among other careless spending. There is a reason why the Jaguars have been consistent NFL bottom-feeders and they are going to get eaten alive in the AFC.

15. Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are at least making progress, although a big reason why they are struggling is past mismanagement. The Texans have extra draft capital after trading Deshaun Watson as the team resets with Davis Mills at quarterback (for now).

The Texans should still be one of the worst teams in the league next season but their future at least looks brighter than the Jaguars and that is saying something considering the Jaguars are the team that has the no. 1 overall pick at quarterback.