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LA Chargers: Biggest winner and loser of the 2021 preseason

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The biggest loser of the LA Chargers preseason: Trey Pipkins

One of the biggest questions around the LA Chargers 53-man roster is if the team is going to keep Trey Pipkins for one more year. Pipkins was drafted as a developmental tackle in the 2019 NFL Draft and there was some promise that he could be a starting-caliber tackle in this league.

Excuses were made for his early mistakes as the hope was that he would progress into something special. That has not been the case and it has almost felt like Pipkins has gotten worse from his small sample size in his rookie season in 2019.

Pipkins was absolutely horrible not just against the Seahawks but throughout the entire preseason. He and Storm Norton have not proven to be reliable depth tackles for the Chargers and the coaching staff cannot feel very confident about their options if either Rashawn Slater or Bryan Bulaga get hurt.

It would not even be that crazy if the team outright leaves Pipkins off the roster and makes a move for another depth tackle from another team. There are going to be cut players with more potential than Pipkins and a trade using a late-round draft pick should not be ruled out, either.

The hope is that it won't even matter as both starting tackles will stay healthy but we all know how football works. Staying completely healthy all season on the offensive line is nearly impossible.

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Pipkins has not been the developmental tackle that was sold to us. Instead, he has been a downright bad tackle that does not even seem like he is qualified to be the fourth option on the team.