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LA Chargers: Biggest winner and loser of the 2021 preseason

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Biggest winner of the LA Chargers preseason: Brenden Jaimes

If you only watched the last preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks then you would think that Brenden Jaimes did not have a good preseason. The last preseason game certainly was not his best but it was not indicative of the preseason that he has had.

It did not help that Jaimes was playing alongside an overall poor offensive line unit (more on that later). Life is going to be harder for Jaimes when he is next to guys who might not even make the roster.

Overall, though, the rookie offensive linemen showed a lot of promise in the preseason and established himself as the best depth option that the Chargers have. There is no doubt that he is the sixth-best offensive lineman on this team and quite frankly, I think he is better than Oday Aboushi already.

Aboushi will probably start and that is because of Jaimes' versatility. Jaimes practically played at every offensive line position in the preseason, playing great no matter where he was lined up.

Some would say Nick Niemann is the biggest winner and while he showed promise, he also struggled in pass coverage and had a really bad blown assignment that led to a touchdown against the 49ers. Niemann was solid, but Jaimes was better and more impactful to the roster.