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LA Chargers: Biggest winner and loser of the 2021 preseason

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The LA Chargers preseason is officially over as the team went 1-2 in preseason play, losing the last game 27-0 to the Seattle Seahawks. As ugly as it was, the Chargers virtually did not play any starters (which was expected) while Seattle did play some of their starters.

The results of the preseason do not matter with the only thing mattering being that the team got through the preseason healthy as well as figuring out who was going to win specific position battles.

The Chargers are now tasked with trimming the roster all the way down to 53 players before the Tuesday deadline. We have already posted our 53-man roster predictions and there is a ton to dive into there.

There definitely are player who played great this preseason, considered winners, to secure their spot on the roster. Their are also players who played horrible in the preseason, considered losers, that either lost a roster spot or made it closer than it should have been.

There is definitely a biggest winner and biggest loser of the LA Chargers preseason.

While there are several players that fell on either side of the spectrum, there is one player on each side that stands out above the rest. Let's dive into the singular biggest winner of the preseason games (not counting camp practices) and the biggest loser of the preseason games.