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LA Chargers: Predicting the outcome of every AFC West game in Week 8

LA Chargers v Baltimore Ravens
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Patrick Mahomes
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Kansas City Chiefs 41, New York Giants 21

This should be a blowout, ladies and gentlemen. I understand that the Kansas City Chiefs have been struggling this season and that other teams have cracked the code to slow down Patrick Mahomes. I get that the Chiefs have a really bad defense that is only making matters worse.

All that being said, the Giants are one of the worst football teams in the league and there is no chance that they beat the Chiefs. This is an angry Chiefs team that is coming off of a beatdown against a fellow AFC playoff team and they are going to want to prove something on primetime.

This is going to get ugly and it is going to get ugly fast. The Chiefs are going to come out with high energy, quite frankly, because they have to. The team cannot afford to lose many more games if it wants to contend in the AFC West, let alone make the playoffs.

The Chiefs defense will look good against Daniel Jones and co. while the offense should pick apart a bad Giants defense. The Giants will get some garbage time scores when the game is already out of reach, likely because of Jones' legs, but that will be it.

While it is fun to look at the Chiefs' downwards spiral we have to realize this: all the teams that KC has lost to this season are good teams. They are losing to playoff teams. While that is still bad for the Chiefs, it shows that they are still capable of beating bad teams.

They have done that this season and they are going to do it against the Giants. Will it fix everything? No. Will it make Chiefs fans sleep better at night for at least a week? Yes.