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LA Chargers: 3 practice squad running backs to potentially sign

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Wendell Smallwood
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2. Wendell Smallwood

If the LA Chargers want to go with an experienced option then Wendell Smallwood could be the direction. Smallwood isn't too experienced where he has too many miles on his legs and will be ineffective but he is experienced enough to bring a veteran presence to the running back room.

That could be big for the Chargers. Ekeler is obviously experienced and Jackson has some experience but Kelley is in year two with his second head coach and Rountree is a rookie. Perhaps what the team needs is a veteran who can pick up the playbook and do what the Bolts need them to do.

Smallwood is a dual-threat back and that gives him more value on this team. While he does not give the team another between the tackles bruising runners, he does give the team someone that they can use in the passing game.

Heck, Joe Lombardi loves to call pitch plays and Smallwood is at least shifty and can get up to speed quickly. The Chargers should probably call fewer pitch plays but I like Smallwood on those plays more than I like Kelley or Rountree.

Smallwood has been in the league since 2016 and won a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018. That season he picked up 594 yards from scrimmage, averaging 5.2 yards per touch. Rountree is averaging 2.4 yards per touch and Kelley is averaging 3.4 yards per touch.