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LA Chargers: 3 practice squad running backs to potentially sign

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The LA Chargers have a problem in the running back room behind Austin Ekeler. While Ekeler has been fantastic this season, the depth behind him is woeful. If Ekeler misses any time the Chargers are going to be in serious trouble.

Justin Jackson has been okay but can't stay healthy. He has already missed time this season and has popped up once more on the Chargers injury report ahead of Week 10. Behind him, Larry Rountree and Joshua Kelley have been awful.

Rountree and Kelley have carried the ball 38 times for a combined 102 yards. Neither provides anything of value on the special teams side of the ball.

It might be time for the Chargers to make some kind of move to the running back room. While the team is not going to land an impact player at this point in time, they could pick up someone with potential from another team's practice squad.

Here are 3 practice squad running backs that the LA Chargers should sign:

1. Gerrid Doaks

Gerrid Doaks was someone who I really wanted the LA Chargers to take in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Bolts certainly could have taken Doaks, who ended up going in the seventh round to Miami.

Doaks has not gotten his chance yet with Miami but the seeds are there for Doaks to be a really good NFL running back. He has NFL running back size and was great in picking up yards after contact in college. While he is a bulkier back, Doaks still had really good speed. He is not elusive and doesn't have insane acceleration, but he definitely is not slow.

Doaks is really good in pass-blocking as well. This could be beneficial in the Chargers' RPO scheme with how they are using the running backs with Justin Herbert. Not only is he a good run blocker but he showed an advanced ability in blocking and releasing to make big plays in college.

Doaks didn't get a ton of chances in the preseason but he did record a two touchdown game. He has not played at all during the regular season.