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LA Chargers: Power ranking the AFC West after Week 1 results

LA Chargers v Washington Football Team
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Justin Herbert
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2. LA Chargers

Fans of other AFC West teams will call this a homer pick but it is really hard not to love what the LA Chargers did on Sunday. The Bolts already had a high stock heading into the 2021 season and despite that, were underdogs against Washington and proved a lot of people wrong in winning 20-16.

This is one of the best young defenses in the entire league and the Chargers' offense absolutely carved them up. I know, 20 points is not a lot to score but the final tally is misleading.

If the referees did not call a terrible fumble on what was obviously an incomplete pass then the Chargers would have most likely had 23 points, if not 27. Also, consider that the team kneed within the 10-yard line to end the game. If they were really chasing points, and that fumble was not called, they could have scored 30-34 points.

The Chargers had five drives that went 10 plays or longer in this game. Justin Herbert threw for over 300 yards and that was despite the receives having a boatload of drops.

This game was not as close as the final score indicated and the Chargers did not even play their best game and they won against a really tough defense. Just imagine what they can do if they play their best game against a terrible Dallas defense in Week 2.

Week 2 opponent: Dallas Cowboys