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LA Chargers: Power ranking the AFC West after Week 1 results

LA Chargers v Washington Football Team
LA Chargers v Washington Football Team / Patrick Smith/Getty Images
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The AFC West was well-represented in Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season as all four teams walked away victorious. It would have been nice for the LA Chargers if all of the other AFC West teams lost, but it could also be an indication that the Chargers' out-of-division schedule might not be as tough as expected.

Following the results of every week we are going to power rank the AFC West. Some may think that it will solely be based on record but that is not it at all. How the team plays and who they play absolutely matters.

There are 0-1 teams in the league right now (Green Bay) that are better than 0-1 teams (Cincinnati). The same will be true for these rankings. With only one week in the book, we will be taking a blend of the Week 1 result and the overall roster for the power rankings.

Power ranking the LA Chargers and the AFC West:

4. Las Vegas Raiders

If this article comes across the desk of any Las Vegas Raiders fans then they are going to be outraged. The team just had a hard-fought overtime victory over Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.

While the Ravens probably won't be the same dominant team in 2021 because of their injuries, the Raiders absolutely do deserve credit for the win and it does improve their stock overall in the league.

I am just not sure if it improves enough to be ranked ahead of any other AFC West team at this time.

Derek Carr had a fantastic game and I am one of the people that things he is underrated. The pass rush also did much better than anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise for Raider fans.

That being said, this is still a really thin roster that played its absolute best game in this one and would have lost if Lamar Jackson did not fumble twice. It was a great win, but they have to string together multiple good performances.

Week 2 opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers