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Predicting every Week 17 game that impacts the LA Chargers playoff chances

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Kansas City Chiefs 30, Cincinnati Bengals 20

As painful as it is, it is much better for the LA Chargers if the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 17. This is not the most impactful game of the bunch but the Bengals losing does open some doors for the Chargers to make the playoffs.

The basic route for the Chargers to make the playoffs is to win the final two games of the season and have both the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins lose one game. The Bengals losing out would take away one of those requirements. If the Bengals lose out then the Chargers do not need the Ravens to lose a game.

The Dolphins would still have to lose one of the final two games of the year but if the Chargers and Ravens win out, and the Bengals lose out, the Bengals would be the team that misses the playoffs. With so many teams in the mix, the Chargers need any help that they can get.

While the public is in love with the Bengals, they are being overrated as this offensive juggernaut. The NFL media did this the first time the Bengals beat the Ravens and the following week the Bengals lost outright to the Jets. This is the same team that just scored 15 points against the Broncos in a game where the Broncos were favored.

The Chiefs have something to play for in the first seed in the AFC so they are going to bring their A-game against the Bengals.