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Predicting every Week 17 game that impacts the LA Chargers playoff chances

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Bradley Chubb, Josh Jacobs
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Indianapolis Colts 24, Las Vegas Raiders 20

The Indianapolis Colts were bailed out a bit with the NFL's new COVID-19 protocols as Carson Wentz can play in this game as long as he no longer has symptoms. Prior to the change, Wentz was guaranteed to miss this game as he had to miss at least 10 days. It might not have mattered a ton as this offense revolves around Jonathan Taylor, but Wentz has been playing really well this season.

How does this game impact the LA Chargers? The Bolts play the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 18 and if the Raiders beat the Colts in Week 17 then they actually have a decent shot of making the playoffs. They would have to beat the Chargers in order to get in, but they would have life.

If the Raiders lose to the Colts and the Chargers beat the Broncos then the Raiders' playoff chances fall below 1%. Essentially, the Raiders would not have anything to play for with a loss and that is good for the Chargers.

The Raiders are a weird team as they have played really poorly against some bad teams and pretty good against some good teams. However, with no Darren Waller I just do not see how the Raiders can score much against a solid Indianapolis defense.

It'll be a close game but at the end of the day, the Colts will get it done with Jonathan Taylor milking the clock.