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Week 16 outcomes that help the LA Chargers playoff chances

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Jonathan Taylor
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Arizona Cardinals over Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are the team that nobody wants to play at this point in the season as they are peaking at the right time. Jonathan Taylor has taken the mantle as the best running back in the NFL in Derrick Henry's absence and the Colts have been winning games because of it. Without Taylor, the Colts would not be in the position that they are in.

The Colts have rallied all the way to 8-6 and even have an outside shot of winning the division if things implode for Tennessee. A wild-card berth is the most likely outcome and with a better conference record, the Colts have a higher seed than the Chargers.

Losing to the Cardinals would not hurt the conference record but if Kyler Murray and co. can get it done, assuming the Chargers win, the Chargers would be a game ahead of the Colts. That is massive for the playoff hunt as the Colts might not lose another game after this Cardinals matchup.

The Cardinals opened as the betting favorite but the two teams are now at a pick-em as the public is rallying behind the Colts. However, this is the classic case of the Colts coming off of a huge win and the Cardinals coming off of a disastrous loss that is impacting the public.

If this game was played four weeks ago with Kyler Murray then the Cardinals would be a touchdown favorite. Instead, based on the public action, the Colts might wind up being favored.

The Cardinals have the firepower to win this game and they just have to get back on track. While it might seem bleak because of how good the Colts have been playing, the Chargers can be confident in Arizona to get it done.