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LA Chargers: 3 reasons why the Bolts will undoubtedly make the playoffs

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3. The LA Chargers have a fairly easy schedule

Some may disagree with this sentiment but the LA Chargers schedule is fairly easily for the 2021 season. There definitely are some hard games in there but overall, the Chargers match up pretty well with the teams that they play.

The two divisions that the Chargers play are the NFC East and the AFC North. While they likely won't beat them all because it's football, the Chargers can beat every single team in the NFC East and are the better team in every single matchup.

The AFC North is a bit tougher but that depends on how you project the bottom half of the division to pan out. Cleveland is going to be really good, Baltimore is a tough game but Cincinnati still has one of the worst rosters in the league while Pittsburgh is going to take a step back and is very beatable.

The Chargers are the better team in six of their eight out-of-division games. As far as the AFC West goes, the Bolts have four games against teams that are likely going to have losing records in Las Vegas and Denver.

The extra games for the Bolts are against New England, Minnesota and Houston. New England is going to be tough while the Chargers will be favored against Minnesota and are far better than Houston.

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That is 12 of the 17 games where the Chargers are the better team. It is not absurd to think they can go 9-3 in those 12 games, needing to win just one of the other five to get to 10 and the playoffs.