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LA Chargers: 3 reasons why the Bolts will undoubtedly make the playoffs

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Derwin James, Renaldo Hill
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2. We have every reason to believe in the LA Chargers defense

The LA Chargers defense was extremely frustrating last season. While the team ranked 10th in the NFL in yards allowed, they ranked 23rd in points allowed and the defensive scheme was far from inspiring.

It was to secret that the defense was not versatile and would often run out the same Gus Bradley Cover 3 scheme no matter the opponent and no matter who was on defense.

Drue Tranquill told a story about how he was covering Tyreek Hill in the old defense. You do not have to be a defensive genius to see where the problem in that strategy lies.

It is easy to convince yourself of a coaching change being the solution but in the case of Staley, Charger fans have every reason to believe in him. Staley has succeeded in every step he has made in the league whether he was a linebackers coach or the defensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams.

The Chargers have serious athletes on the defensive side of the ball and with Derwin James, Joey Bosa and the linebacker room there is serious potential for the Chargers to replicate the same jump the Rams made last season.

They might not be the best defense in the league but they certainly won't rank 23rd in points allowed. This is going to be a much different, and better, defense in 2021.