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5 LA Chargers who deserve the most credit for the team's playoff push

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Austin Ekeler, Jonas Griffith
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4. Austin Ekeler

Some fans would put Keenan Allen over Austin Ekeler on this list but Ekeler has been more impactful to the Chargers than Allen has been this season. That is by no means a slight on Allen, who has been great, but Ekeler is the motor that drives this offense and he is the team's top scorer.

Many will be surprised to hear that Allen is not on this list at all. He would be number six if we extended this list to six players but other players have done more for the team this season than Allen has. Some of that is by design with the offense but it is hard to put Allen above Ekeler, or anyone, on this list.

Ekeler enters Week 18 with 847 rushing yards and 612 receiving yards in 15 games played. He missed the Texans game with COVID-19 so we will essentially get a 16-game sample size out of Ekeler this season. He has an outside chance of reaching 1,000 yards if he has a massive game against the Raiders.

If Ekeler records two touchdowns in this game, which is definitely possible, then he will finish the season with 20 combined touchdowns and over 1,500 yards from scrimmage (assuming he gets 41 yards in the game). Coming into 2020, there were only 23 seasons since the NFL-AFL merger in which a player recorded over 1,500 yards from scrimmage and 20 combined touchdowns. The last (and only) Charger that has done it is LaDainian Tomlinson.

Ekeler has been fantastic this season and he has really helped the Chargers be one of the best first-down teams in the league with his impact in both phases of the offense.