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Week 13 AFC outcomes that helps the LA Chargers playoff push

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos over Kansas City Chiefs

Yes, the Broncos do have the same record as the LA Chargers and just beat the Chargers last week. This also is seemingly a similar situation to the Ravens-Steelers game, and in theory, one could argue that it is better for the Broncos to lose that way the Bolts could potentially gain some ground.

This is different, though. If the Chiefs somehow lose to the Broncos in Week 13 then the Chargers (assuming they win) would suddenly have a chance at winning the division again. So would Denver, who would have the tiebreaker advantage over the Chargers, but the chances of Denver faltering down the stretch is much higher than the Chiefs.

For that reason, the lesser of two evils in this game is the Chiefs. If the Chiefs lose and the Chargers have a big statement win against the Bengals then it is suddenly easy to talk yourself into the Bolts winning the AFC West. If they can just win out against lesser opponents and beat the Chiefs again then they would win the division. Right now, after the Broncos loss, it is looking really improbable for the Bolts.

The craziest part about this outcome would not be that it would put the Broncos in first place in the AFC West, but it would knock the Chiefs out of the playoff picture altogether. If the Chargers beat the Bengals and the Chiefs lose to the Broncos they would not be a top-seven seed in the AFC.

That is how wild this AFC playoff picture is. The Chiefs would still have a better chance of making the playoffs as they are more talented than Denver, but who knows, back-to-back division wins could make them hot.

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There is also the New England-Buffalo game, which is going to impact the AFC playoff picture as well. However, no matter what, there is going to be a team with four losses and a team with five losses after the game and it does not really impact the Chargers that much.