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Week 13 AFC outcomes that helps the LA Chargers playoff push

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Ben Roethlisberger, Joey Bosa
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Baltimore Ravens over Pittsburgh Steelers

Both the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the AFC playoff picture with the Ravens currently being the top seed in the AFC. Some fans may want the Steelers to win to increase the Chargers' chances of being the top seed in the AFC.

If the Bolts would have beaten the Denver Broncos last week and were 7-4 heading into this week then that would be the desired outcome. They would only be one loss behind Baltimore and a Baltimore loss would be huge for the Chargers' chances.

However, right now the Chargers need to just focus on making the playoffs and outlasting the other teams in the hunt and for that reason, it would be more impactful if the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Ravens. The Steelers are currently 5-5-1 on the season and a loss to the Ravens would put them pretty far behind.

With Big Ben piloting the offense and the defense being banged up, I am not sure the Steelers would be able to overcome a 5-6-1 record to make the playoffs. Their only hope then would be if the Chargers, Broncos, Raiders and Colts all lost, which is asking a lot.

There are so many teams in front of the Steelers that this could be the dagger the Bolts need to make sure Pittsburgh doesn't start getting confident and get hot down the stretch.