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Week 13 AFC outcomes that helps the LA Chargers playoff push

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Washington Football Team over Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are currently out of the playoff picture but have the same record as the LA Chargers at 6-5. The Raiders take on the sixth seed in the NFC, the Washington Football Team, who have actually won three straight games heading into this one.

The Chargers need as much cushion as humanely possible and while the Bolts seem to be the much better team on paper, anything can happen down the stretch and the last thing that the Chargers need is for the Week 18 matchup against the Raiders to be for the final playoff spot... against the Raiders. Let them try and play spoiler all they want but the fact that they too could make the playoffs would make that game even harder to watch.

The Raiders may have saved their season on Thanksgiving with a big overtime win over the Dallas Cowboys. Things were trending in the wrong direction for the Raiders and a loss to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving could have sent the snowball down the mountain. Now, the Raiders can beat a sub-.500 team in Washington and suddenly be two games above .500.

That being said, the Raiders will not have Darren Waller. While the Washington secondary was terrible to start the season, it has started to turn around as Washington has only allowed an average of 18 points over the last four weeks.

The Raiders have a massive rest advantage as well. They have the extra three days for playing on Thanksgiving while Washington is coming off of a Monday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks. This is the biggest rest advantage a team can have and hopefully, that doesn't help the Raiders too much.