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LA Chargers: 3 teams that could need Philip Rivers in 2021

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1. Indianapolis Colts

A team that is familiar with Philip Rivers is more likely to make this phone call than a team that is not familiar and if the LA Chargers are out of the running that only leaves the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts have transitioned from Rivers to Carson Wentz, who is a former MVP candidate that was absolutely awful last season. The hope for a high ceiling is still there with Wentz, but with yet another injury already, and last season, bad things can happen.

Now, there are two potential paths to the Colts desperately calling Philip Rivers up in December. The first path is the obvious: Wentz actually plays half decent, puts the Colts in playoff contention and gets injured.

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With a really talented roster around him that certainly is possible and if he were to get hurt the team would likely want a better option than Jacob Eason to pilot them in the playoffs. If they believed in Eason they would not have gotten Wentz.

The other path is the Colts winning despite Wentz. This could happen one of two ways: the Colts could be a fringe playoff team around .500 with Wentz obviously holding them back. Or, they could get off to a hot start to begin the season only to see Wentz fall from grace.

Either of those situations could prompt Frank Reich to call up his old QB.