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LA Chargers: 5 essential moves that need to be made this offseason

By Sean Basile
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Keenan Allen
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5. Sign 1-2 Legitimate Pass Catchers in Free Agency

Finally, an area that's near and dear to my heart. It directly affects how Justin Herbert's 2022 season is going to go, and I desperately want Telesco and the Chargers to bring in more guys for Justin to throw the ball to with some consistency.

I don't want Keenan Allen to lead the league in drops again, nor do I want the Chargers as a team to lead the league in drops.

Allen and Austin Ekeler (6 drops) need to clean up their act after tough seasons in the passing game. In the meantime, a way to help mitigate drops is to bring on more veteran guys who will divert double teams from Keenan Allen, allowing him to catch balls on more open routes than he did in 2021.

Just about every legitimate receiver/tight end I want the Chargers to consider this offseason.

I love Mike Gesicki who is starting to come into his own with career-highs in targets (112), receptions (73), and receiving yards (780).

I really think David Njoku is on the rise after posting career-highs in catch rate (67.9%) and yards per reception (13.2) for a Cleveland Browns team devoted to pounding the run game.

CJ Uzomah is a sneaky-good tight end option who caught 77.8% of his passes this year with career-highs in yards (493) and touchdowns (5).

Christian Kirk is coming off leading the Cardinals in receiving with a career-high in yards (982), yards per target (9.5), receptions (77), and approximate value (10). Not a bad punt return guy, either, if we're taking into consideration the Bolts averaging 5.4 yards per punt return in 2021.

And finally, I have to also mention Cordarrelle Patterson who set career-highs for rushing yards (618), rushing TDs (6), receiving yards (548), and receiving TDs (5).

If Patterson were to join this Chargers team, that opens up not only the passing game for Keenan Allen and Mike Williams but also Austin Ekeler in the running game, who could then not be saddled with the brunt of carries and venture out into more of a pass-catching role where he seems to thrive after the catch.

All seem like great options for the Bolts next year, and the massive Justin Herbert fan I am naturally wants the Bolts to get all of them.

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I'm excited to see what the Chargers do this offseason, and I sure hope many of the boxes, if not all of them that I named, get checked before Week 1 of 2022.