LA Chargers: 5 essential moves that need to be made this offseason

By Sean Basile
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3. Draft a defensive tackle at 17

Man oh man, does Jordan Davis out of Georgia just fit beautifully into the Chargers' number 17 pick or what? Davis is a 6'6" 340 lb. defensive tackle who's being touted for both his interior run-stopping ability as well as his pass-rushing.

The Linval Joseph experiment did not work like LA had hoped it would, and in turn, the Bolts came in 30th in rushing yards per game allowed.

Run-stopping has usually been an area of weakness for the Chargers dating back years, and although Kyzir White had himself a very productive season, he alone could not hold up the sinking ship that was the Bolts' rushing defense.

The Bolts need a fresh face in there who's going to plug the middle, as well as provide interior push on the passing plays, and Jordan Davis seems to check both of those boxes for the time being.

Perhaps another D-tackle emerges as the best prospect over the next couple of months, and in that case, I'd be all for the Bolts taking that guy. But as much as I'd love to see a wide receiver get taken at #17 for Justin Herbert's sake, run defense needs to be the number one priority this offseason.

I have no reason to believe the best defensive tackle in the draft will not be available for the Chargers come pick 17.