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LA Chargers: 5 essential moves that need to be made this offseason

By Sean Basile
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Mike Williams - American Football Wide Receiver - Born 1994, L'Jarius Sneed
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2. Re-sign Mike Williams

I'm not totally a Mike Williams "stan." I think he's a super athletic guy who can still get down the field. My problem with him is just consistency.

One year, he racks up touchdowns, but not yardage. Another year, he racks up yardage with no touchdowns. And through it all, he averages just a 57.8% catch rate despite being the bigger man in many a corner matchup with free reign and dominion to do what he wants with Keenan Allen drawing the bulk of coverages and double-teams.

But having said that, Mike Will had arguably his best statistical season in 2021 going for a career-high in yards per game (71.6), receptions per game (4.8), first down catches (51), and of course, overall receiving yards (1,146).

He also caught the second-most touchdowns of his career (9), and Pro Football Reference assigned him an approximate value of 11; 3 points higher than any value he's set in his career.

Williams went for it all in 2021 with yardage, touchdowns, yards per game etc. despite catching only 3 touchdowns over his last 11 games.

Are we seeing a Mike Williams resurgence? Has Mike Will peaked? Time will tell, but one thing I know is that this guy is someone Justin Herbert needs going forward as a 6'4" super athlete and major deep threat.

Re-sign this man and build from there.