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Building the dream offseason for the LA Chargers in 2022

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What a successful LA Chargers draft looks like:

The Chargers are not going to hit a home run on all of the selections in the 2022 NFL Draft and the later rounds really are a toss-up. When we constructed the final 53-man roster, we guessed where the Chargers would be adding with draft picks. As mentioned, we see 10 rookies for the Bolts, opening the door for a trade-up.

Regardless of what happens in the late rounds, there are two factors that we consider to factor into a successful 2022 NFL Draft and they are easier said than done.

Draft a starting-quality right tackle, cornerback and defensive tackle in the first three rounds

Again, easier said than done. Will the Chargers hit a home run on all of these positions in the first three picks? Probably not. But this is a dream draft we are talking about and while we could say something ludicrous like "find the next Aaron Donald in the seventh round" this is still based on reality.

These are the most likely positions to be taken with the first three picks in the NFL Draft and in this article we are not even going to get into the nuances of who the Chargers should pick first. What the team needs is a cornerback who can start alongside Michael Davis and Asante Samuel Jr. (if it is a first-round cornerback then it needs to be a true CB1), a starting-caliber right tackle and a defensive tackle who can improve the team's efforts against the run.

Draft Matt Araiza in the late rounds

Matt Araiza is the San Diego State punter who made headlines this season with his monster punts. We broke down whether or not the Chargers should draft Araiza and in a perfect world, he falls to the Chargers with an appropriate pick.