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Building the dream offseason for the LA Chargers in 2022

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Donald Parham Jr.
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Exclusive rights players that are brought back:

The combined cost of these three players to be signed on minimum deals (which they will get as ERFA players) is around $2.7 million in cap space.

Donald Parham

Donald Parham has already blossomed as a lethal red-zone target who can block as well and open up the rest of the field. He is only going to get better as time goes on and the Chargers would be absolutely foolish to not re-sign him to a league minimum deal.

Jalen Guyton

Jalen Guyton might get kicked out of the top three receiver conversation just because of Joshua Palmer's development but at the end of the day he is still an important part of the offense. Every team needs that fourth speedster and when someone goes down in front of him he can be relied on in this offense.

It makes no sense to let him go, but then again, it also made no sense to cut Tyron Johnson either.

Storm Norton

Yes, Storm Norton was awful for the Chargers when he started in 2021 and he was absolutely torched by Maxx Crosby in Week 18. That being said, Norton comes at an extremely cheap price and he has a lot of snaps under his belt for a player of his status.

The Chargers obviously are not bringing him back to start. But bringing him back on a contract that is less than $1 million to be a depth tackle? They definitely should do that.