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Building the dream offseason for the LA Chargers in 2022

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Davante Adams
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Free agents the Chargers are bringing in:

Davante Adams ($23 million cap hit)

The big signing. Do I think the LA Chargers are going to ultimately sign Davante Adams? No, I don't. But if I am building my dream offseason it starts with the team signing one of the best receivers in the entire league.

The Chargers offense is already fantastic and it would become the best in the entire league if Adams was out there. Yes, the defense was the cause of concern in 2021 but in my dream offseason, the Chargers figure out the defense while also paying Davante Adams.

Plus, it is only around $5-6 million more than they would end up paying Mike Williams, so it is not like signing Adams is completely restricting.

Akiem Hicks ($8 million cap hit)

Akiem Hicks is the guy to sign on the defensive side of the ball. The Chargers' main weakness came from the team's inability to stop the run and signing Hicks (along with other moves in this article) is the right step to take to fix that problem.

David Njoku ($7 million cap hit)

This is a bit pricey and I would not mind whatsoever if the team signed someone a bit cheaper to add depth to the tight end position. Heck, if the team just re-signs Stephen Anderson then I won't complain. That being said, David Njoku is a well-rounded tight end that would give the Chargers the deepest and most versatile tight end room in the league.