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Building the dream offseason for the LA Chargers in 2022

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The LA Chargers are heading into one of the most important offseasons in team history. The Bolts have a franchise quarterback that is not only capable of winning the Super Bowl, but winning the MVP award. The team has a new, upstart head coach that gave the team a new identity. And most importantly, the team has the resources to spend.

Spotrac projects the LA Chargers to have $62.4 million in salary-cap space (including the rolled-over cap space) this offseason. That is a lot of cap space to make things happen this offseason and give Justin Herbert a team that can not only make the playoffs, but win the Super Bowl.

So what does a dream LA Chargers offseason look like?

Obviously, the answer to this question is going to vary person to person. Personally, I think a dream offseason sees the Chargers still improve on offense while adding the necessary pieces to plug the holes on defense. While the defense was really bad last season, it is naturally going to get better in year two of Brandon Staley. Add in the complimentary pieces and we are in business.

However, that is a rather vague answer so I wanted to go move-by-move and break down what I want to see the Chargers do this offseason. Of course, we have to operate in the realm of possibility with the cap, so we had to calculate a realistic cap hit for each player.

The overall cap space is more complex than just $62.4 million, though. Bryan Bulaga is undoubtedly going to be waived to free up $10.75 million. However, the 2022 NFL Draft also takes away from the cap space.

Over The Cap projects the rookie pool to cost the Chargers $3.8 million against the cap. However, based on how this dream offseason panned out, we see the Chargers using 10 of their 11 picks, so that cap hit can be subtracted to $3.1 million.

That gives us just a smidge over $70 million in cap space to work with for this dream Chargers offseason. In the following pages, you'll see who we want the Chargers to sign in free agency, who the team should bring back, what a successful 2022 NFL Draft looks like AND the final product with a predicted 53-man roster.

Let's jump into it!