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LA Chargers mock draft with the Bolts not re-signing Mike Williams

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Whether or not the LA Chargers re-sign Mike Williams is the biggest storyline for the team this offseason. And while all signs seem to be pointing to the team bringing Williams back, stranger things have happened and we could see Williams in a different uniform in 2022.

Heck, Brandon Staley did say during his media availability on Wednesday that the team would be bringing in a whole bunch of new personnel on the offensive side of the football. While that does not seem to include a new receiver to replace Williams, perhaps it does.

The LA Chargers not re-signing Mike Williams would significantly change every Chargers mock draft.

The LA Chargers potentially not re-signing Mike Williams would have a ripple effect across the rest of the team. Not only would it change the order of needs in the 2022 NFL Draft but it would change who the team can sign in free agency instead.

If the Chargers do not re-sign Williams this offseason then I think their free agency spending will be close to what the Cincinnati Bengals did last year. We dove into an article detailing exactly what that would look like but to make a long story short, it would include the team signing two impact defensive linemen (one edge rusher, one defensive tackle) two solid, starting-caliber cornerbacks and a starting right tackle.

However, with the tackle market being much thinner than the guard market, it is more likely that the Chargers take the $6-8 million allocated for an offensive lineman and instead spend that on a starting guard.

With these predicted moves, the Chargers would be erasing cornerback and edge rusher as potential early-round needs. So what would an LA Chargers mock draft look like? I gave it my best shot using The Draft Network's Mock Draft Machine.