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LA Chargers: 3 Minnesota Vikings to exploit to dominate in Week 10

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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Nick Vigil
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3. Nick Vigil

Nick Vigil was a member of the LA Chargers last season so maybe there is a revenge game narrative that he has in his head for this matchup. Regardless, Vigil was mostly held to being a special teams player that only played 32% of the defensive snaps.

There is a reason for that. While Vigil has value as a decent tackler and was okay in special teams, he really is not that special as a linebacker. Vigil does not have intimidating speed and he is not all that good in pass coverage or run defense.

The problem for the Vikings is that Vigil is playing a pretty big role in this defense and is playing two-thirds of the defensive snaps. The Chargers are familiar with Vigil and should be exploiting him until the Vikings take him off the field.

Whether it be pounding the rock or in the passing game, the Chargers can really take advantage of Vigil. Vigil doesn't have the best decision-making and sometimes is prone to biting too hard on play-action or not biting enough on a draw or delayed hand-off.

The Chargers run a lot of RPOs that are based on the linebacker's decision. Vigil is not a linebacker who is going to make a quick decision and for that reason, we could see the team attacking Vigil's side of the field in both the passing game and the running game.

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Vigil lines up as the Vikings' weak-side linebacker and it is made even worse by the fact that Anthony Barr is not playing as the strong-side linebacker. The linebacker play could be ugly