LA Chargers: 3 Minnesota Vikings to exploit to dominate in Week 10

Jason Reed
Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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The LA Chargers host the Minnesota Vikings in Week 10 and need a win to move to 6-3 on the season. While a 5-4 record is not the worst thing in the world, it is time for the Bolts to start gaining some momentum towards potentially winning the AFC West.

If the Chargers are going to win the division then they are going to have to beat teams like the Vikings. If they are going to beat teams like the Vikings then they are going to have to exploit certain matchups in the game.

We know Brandon Staley is all about matchups and there are three players on the Vikings that the Chargers should be targeting in Week 10 to dominate the Vikings.

The 3 Minnesota Vikings that the LA Chargers should be exploiting:

1. Oli Udoh

If there is one area that the LA Chargers can improve it is on the defensive line. The team has the worst run defense in the league, starting on the interior defensive line, and has struggled at times to get pressure on the quarterback outside of Joey Bosa.

While Minnesota has talent on the offensive line, there are holes to exploit and the biggest one is guard Oli Udoh. Udoh is suiting up at right guard and has played really poorly for Minnesota this season.

According to Pro Football Focus, Udoh has allowed 21 pressures on the quarterback this season. Udoh ranks 11th among all guards in pressures allowed in the 345 pass-blocking snaps that he has played this season.

Not only can the Chargers potentially exploit this to help the run defense, but the Bolts could attack Udoh with Joey Bosa. Bosa was listed on the injury report but is expected to play and in Week 9 against the Eagles, the Chargers designed some pass-rushing attacks to put him one-on-one with the right guard.

If Udoh gets into too many one-on-ones with Joey Bosa then the Vikings are going to be saying "uh oh". Please excuse the dad joke.