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LA Chargers who deserve higher and lower Madden 22 ratings

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Bryan Bulaga
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Michael Owens/Getty Images

Offensive LA Chargers who deserve a lower Madden rating

Bryan Bulaga (87 Overall)

This player has been pretty good his whole career, but I think his overall might be a little too high. 

In the 2020 season, Bulaga missed a good amount of games due to injuries. He only played in 10 games and just 38% of offensive snaps, which is the 2nd lowest of his career. The tackle gave up two sacks as well, which earned him a 61.6 PFF grade.

This is not me saying that Bulaga is bad, but he did not have the best 2020 season. The overall given to him is also almost the same as the one given to him in last year's game. 

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If I had to give Bulaga an overall, I would probably have to give him either an 82 or 83.

Jared Cook (84 Overall)

This one is close and was pretty hard to call.  

Jared Cook had a pretty average season with the Saints last year. He had 504 receiving yards, seven touchdowns, and had 37 catches on 60 targets. Most of these statistics not being the best compared to his past seasons.  

His 504 receiving yards were the lowest since 2016 (377). His 61.7% catch rate was also the lowest since 2016 (58.8%). While his receiving yards per game of 33.6 was the lowest since 2015 (30.1). 

Jared Cook is a good tight end. I think that his overall is just a little higher than what his stats show. 

If I had to give Jared Cook an overall, I would give him an 81.