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LA Chargers: Five keys to bouncing back against the Chiefs

By Alexander Insdorf
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Tyreek Hill, Nasir Adderley, Chris Harris
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4. Limiting the long developing big play

The Chiefs' offense is absolutely exhausting, and there's no better example of that in the Chargers-Chiefs recent rivalry than their September game last year. On some level, the Chargers did everything they were supposed to do for long stretches of the game into the 2nd half. In total, they only allowed 23 points.

But the big play is what the Chargers have to avoid giving up. Mahomes cannot wait, wait, wait, wait, and then bomb it 60 yards to Tyreek Hill after the play is broken. That's always a threat regardless of who's covering him. Aside from that partially decisive touchdown, Hill was limited to four receptions for 46 yards.

Obviously, the Chargers' defense shouldn't want to lose on any individual defensive snap in a game, but sometimes it's better to lose the battle than the war. I'll take a Travis Kelce first down completion over a deep touchdown reeled in by the aforementioned Hill or Mecole Hardman.

The longer the Chargers allow a play to develop, the more likely they are to really, really regret it afterward. To be honest, sometimes the Chiefs don't even need time in the face of pressure with the ridiculousness of their offense: