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LA Chargers: Grades for Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts in Week 9 battle

LA Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Jalen Hurts Week 9 grade: B

We obviously like to give out bad grades to the opposing quarterback because that often means that the other team played poorly and the LA Chargers got the victory. While Jalen Hurts didn't put have head-turning numbers like Justin Herbert did, he did not play poorly in this game at all.

There is also a certain ceiling that most Eagles fans kind of just accept with Hurts. I think it is safe to say that no one in Philly really expects Hurts to be this amazing quarterback. He is a game-manager that can use his legs and that is what he did in this one.

It was a bit surprising to see the Eagles not throw the ball that often with the Chargers' being banged up in the secondary. They did run the ball well and that has been the strategy against the Chargers this season but the Bolts improved last week and it is not like Philly has the most dynamic running backs.

Hurts completed 11 of 17 passes for 161 yards and one touchdown. Most importantly, Hurts did not make any mistakes as there were no turnovers for either team in this game. Hurts also added 62 rushing yards to his total.

Hurts was good enough to manage the Eagles' offense and go toe-to-toe with the LA Chargers. Sure, they were at home and the Chargers were banged up, but Hurts was still good enough to make it competitive and make us Charger fans sweat a bit.

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Jalen Hurts was good in this game, but not good enough. Meanwhile, Justin Herbert was great.