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LA Chargers: Ranking Justin Herbert's weapons by total Week 1 targets

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Mike Williams
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Mike Williams and Joshua Palmer: Eight combined targets from Justin Herbert

The WR2 and WR3 are going to combine for eight total targets in this game against the Washington Football Team. As you can see thus far, the targets are going to be pretty spread out and typically that is not the case. There are games where 2-3 of the weapons get 75%+ of the total targets.

However, with a lot of the starters not playing in the preseason and the team's caution in staying healthy, it is best if Herbert passes the ball around and gets everyone involved. That being said, there is still a big name that has not been mentioned with plenty of targets left.

As far as Williams and Palmer, I would expect Williams to get more targets between the two but don't sleep on the rookie. Palmer was really polished in the preseason and while I have his total target count at three, it would not be surprising whatsoever if he ends up with three catches for 50 yards and a touchdown on three targets.

Williams will be targeted more on the sideline and on fade routes in the red zone and could end up with a touchdown in this game. He won't be as efficient as Palmer, but he very well could finish with three catches for 80 yards and a touchdown in his five targets.