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LA Chargers: Game grades for Justin Herbert and Dak Prescott in disappointing game

Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers
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Dak Prescott
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Dak Prescott Week 2 game grade: B

As much as it it going to upset LA Chargers fans (I am sorry), Dak Prescott had the slightly better game in this game. That being said, Herbert definitely did more and that was to his detriment. Prescott took more of a backseat in this game and was good when the Cowboys needed him to be good.

The story of this game for the Cowboys' offense was the running backs. Not only did Dallas run the ball with ease but they also were able to connect with the running backs in multiple key moments in the passing game.

Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard combined for 180 rushing yards on 29 carries for two touchdowns. They also finished with 57 receiving yards on five receptions. The 237 yards from scrimmage to the running backs was the main story but that does not mean Dak was bad.

The only real slip-up that Dak had was the interception that he threw to Asante Samuel Jr., which was an over-throw. Aside from that, Prescott played a really clean game and was able to pilot the offense down the field for the game-winning field goal.

Prescott completed 23 of his 27 passes for 237 yards with no touchdowns. Again, the yardage might not be as gaudy as Justin Herbert but Prescott was more efficient in what the team needed him to do.

Granted, it helps that Dallas needed him to do less than the Chargers asked Herbert to do but that is not Dak's fault. Unfortunately, he got the better of Justin Herbert in this one.