J.C. Jackson and the 3 routes the Chargers can take at cornerback

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Route 3: The LA Chargers draft a first-round corner, sign a cheap depth veteran

This route is essentially the opposite of what the team would be doing in the first route. Instead of signing a more expensive cornerback and drafting a depth option later in the 2022 NFL Draft, this would see the Chargers take a cornerback in the first round of the draft and sign a cheap veteran for depth.

This would allow the Chargers to spend big in other areas of the roster. Instead of bringing in Jackson, the Chargers could re-sign Kyzir White, sign someone like Sebastian Joseph-Day and make another decent-sized signing as well.

It would also give the team a potential CB1 that could be cheap for the next four years, allowing more flexibility in future offseasons to make other moves if needed. Of course, this runs a bigger risk of not working out as Jackson is a sure commodity while a rookie corner could very well not work out.

The Chargers would also be planting their flag on a cornerback if they go this route. If all the Bolts sign is a veteran corner for cheap then it would be pretty apparent that they plan on taking a corner in round one. If Trent McDuffie and other first-round options are off the board, with no second-round pick, the Chargers would have to reach for someone that they might not value at 17.

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In terms of the cheap veteran options, Bryce Callahan is another player with ties to Brandon Staley that is not projected to get a big deal. Kyle Fuller could be another one-year flier for the team to take after a bad season in 2021.