J.C. Jackson and the 3 routes the Chargers can take at cornerback

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Route 2: The LA Chargers sign two cornerbacks for the price of J.C. Jackson

The second possible cornerback route for the LA Chargers would include spending the same amount of money at the cornerback position but getting two players instead of one. This method would have its benefits as well as its cons based on what the Chargers need.

Brandon Staley's defense is really built on having a deep secondary that is versatile. By going this route, the Chargers could be adding two starting-quality cornerbacks to give the team four quality starting cornerbacks overall. By going this route, the Chargers could pick and choose the two players they sign to fit what they need next to what they already have.

The fallback of this option is the team would not have a true CB1. That is kind of the status of the team right now and adding two corners for the price of one could still create some mismatches in the secondary.

However, they still have an elite member of the secondary to cushion that blow in Derwin James, so it might not even be that big of an issue for the Chargers so long that they add the depth that they need.

If the Chargers do go this route then one name to keep a lookout for is Rasul Douglas. Douglas had a fantastic season last year and is only projected to get a $6.75 million salary. That allows the team to sign someone like D.J. Reed for $8 million.