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The 3 things to blame for the LA Chargers Week 10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings v LA Chargers
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Tevaughn Campbell, Alohi Gilman, Justin Jefferson
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2. The LA Chargers secondary got cooked

The defense had some promise in this game. This was probably the best game that the defensive line played all season as they were pressuring Kirk Cousins at a good rate and did pretty solid against the run. The Vikings carried the ball 33 times for 103 yards. That is definitely manageable defensively.

The bigger problem was the secondary. Outside of Derwin James, who was not even perfect in this game, the secondary played extremely poorly. It does not matter where you look, there is something to point out at every turn.

Tevaughn Campbell had a terrible game. Campbell was tasked with playing on the outside and while he has shown promise in the slot, he showed that he is not ready to be an every-down outside corner. Every time Campbell lined up against Justin Jefferson the Vikings attacked him, oftentimes on simple go routes.

Chris Harris Jr. was not good either. Whether it was blown coverage or penalties on third down, Harris has proven the narrative correct that cornerbacks age quickly true.

Alohi Gilman wasn't great, missing a key inside assignment on a third-down play that initially looked like Harris' fault and colliding with James in the endzone on fourth and goal that resulted in a touchdown (although that was also great play design).

Nasir Adderley and Michael Davis being out hurt this team in Week 10 and if they played it might have been a much different game.