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4 upcoming LA Chargers free agents who have already earned new contracts

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Kyzir White
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3. Kyzir White

Kyzir White has always been a player that had a lot of potential that was never fully quite tapped into. While White has not been a bad linebacker in his career, the former college safety always felt like he had a bit more to offer.

Brandon Staley and this coaching staff have unlocked that potential that Charger fans have seen in White for several seasons. White has played really well alongside Drue Tranquill, making the Kenneth Murray injury become a non-factor.

In fact, White and Tranquill have both been better than the 2020 first-round pick, leading to the Chargers potentially playing Murray in a hybrid role that puts him on the edge. White has been so good that he has kicked a recent first-round pick out of his position.

White's coverage in the passing game has truly been special this season and his football IQ has been on full display. He is not someone who is going to thrive as a run-stuffing, hard-nosed inside linebacker that stops the run but his versatility and football IQ is beyond valuable.

There is concern that White's strong play has driven up the market price to a point where the Chargers cannot match but that shouldn't be an issue. White has already earned an extended stay with the LA Chargers past 2021.