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4 upcoming LA Chargers free agents who have already earned new contracts

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Mike Williams
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2. Mike Williams

Mike Williams has cooled off a bit after a red-hot start to the season that saw him as a top-five receiver in football. It makes sense that Williams has regressed to the mean some as he is not a top-five receiver in football but he has absolutely proven that he is much more than just a vertical threat.

There were legitimate concerns about giving Williams a long contract heading into the 2021 season. He was coming off of a lackluster season with some injuries not too far in his rear-view mirror. However, before the season the coaching staff continually praised Williams and his talent and we have seen why this season.

Even with his three slow games the last three weeks, Williams is on pace for over 1,200 yards and double-digit touchdowns. Williams unlocks something in this offense and whether it is him or Keenan Allen, opposing defenses have to deal with two legitimate WR1s.

Not only is Williams talented and worthy of a new contract, but the Chargers don't really have many other options. Sure, they could let Williams walk and bring in someone like Davante Adams, which isn't a bad thing, but that is a huge gamble assuming that Adams even wants to come to LA.

The Chargers have a great thing going and while Joshua Palmer has a lot of potential he has not shown any signs of being able to step up and be a true WR2 in year two. Williams is a crucial part of this offense and he has proven that in the first eight weeks, earning himself a new contract.