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Reasons for and against the LA Chargers signing Tyrann Mathieu

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Mike Williams - American Football Wide Receiver - Born 1994, Tyrann Mathieu
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Verdict: The LA Chargers SHOULD NOT sign Tyrann Mathieu

Again, I know there are going to be fans reading this article that completely disagree with my assessment and that is fine. With how much he is going to get paid and the trends that always seem to happen with defensive backs in their 30s, I just do not think it is worth the risk to sign Mathieu.

The Chargers definitely should be adding to the secondary but there is a better way to go about it. The team does not really have a true CB1 in the room and I would much rather see the Bolts spending that kind of money on someone to be a CB1. If you are going to spend that much I would rather it be on J.C. Jackson.

The Bolts can still utilize the 2022 NFL Draft to draft versatile CB/S hybrids (such as this Justin Herbert teammate) as well as pick up a traditional slot corner. The Bolts do not need the star power of Mathieu to accomplish what they want to accomplish defensively. They just need more depth and need guys who fit Brandon Staley's vision.

Look at the quality of players that Staley elevated in the LA Rams' secondary when he was the defensive coordinator. Sure, he had Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald but he also has Derwin James and Joey Bosa with the Chargers. It was guys like John Johnson and Troy Hill that he elevated. If the Bolts trust in Staley then they don't need to overspend on a safety who is going to regress in his 30s.

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If this was Mathieu three years ago before he signed with the Chiefs then go for it, it makes sense. However, with how inconsistent defensive play can be in the NFL, the Chargers should not be using that many resources on a guy who is past his prime.