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Reasons for and against the LA Chargers signing Tyrann Mathieu

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Tyrann Mathieu
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Why the LA Chargers SHOULDN'T sign Tyrann Mathieu:

There is absolutely no denying that Mathieu has been one of the best safeties in the NFL over the last decade and has been really good for the Kansas City Chiefs the past three seasons. If the Chargers were to get that version of Mathieu then it would be exceptional for the team and give the defense new life.

However, the biggest risk with signing Mathieu is his age. I know that some will roll their eyes at this point but Mathieu is turning 30 in May and has a lot of miles on his body. All the hits of the NFL add up and time and time again we see players quickly regress after 30.

I remember making the exact same point when Charger fans were hyping up the Chris Harris signing from 2020. While Harris was not at the level that Mathieu is now when he signed with the Chargers, he was still a big name that seemingly gave the Chargers a top slot corner in the NFL. He quickly regressed and now those same fans are happy to see him gone.

Mathieu is going to come at a premium cost as well. Spotrac estimates Mathieu to get a three-year deal worth $14.8 million per season. That is a lot to pay someone who is going to be 33 when the contract is in its last year while the team also has to work out a Derwin James extension.

While he was still good in 2021, Mathieu did regress some. According to Pro Football Focus, he allowed the second-highest reception percentage of his career when targeted while allowing a 91.4 passer rating when targeted, the highest since he joined the Chiefs.