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Reasons for and against the LA Chargers signing Tyrann Mathieu

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Tyrann Mathieu
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Why the LA Chargers SHOULD sign Tyrann Mathieu:

This part is not really rocket science. Tyrann Mathieu has consistently been one of the best safeties in the league and was a Pro Bowler this past season. Pro Bowls can be rather hit or miss, though, which makes his two All-Pro nods in 2019 and 2020 the icing on the cake.

Mathieu is a premier player at a premier position and we have heard Staley stress the importance of these players in the past. The safety trio of Derwin James, Nasir Adderley and Mathieu, on paper, would be the best in the NFL.

What makes Mathieu even more intriguing is his versatility and how that would fit into Staley's defense. Staley's defense, when it is working properly, has several versatile members of the secondary that can play outside, in the slot, at safety, or even in the box (although Staley does not stack the box often).

Mathieu fits that agenda perfectly. He would essentially operate at the team's primary safety while also being able to play just about anywhere else based on pre-snap reads and whatever Derwin James is doing on specific plays.

Staley is all about matchups and in theory, this would create a matchup nightmare for opposing offenses as the Chargers would be able to throw various different looks depending on the matchup and game situation.

Oh, and the Chargers would be stealing him from the Chiefs. That is always nice.