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Reasons for and against the LA Chargers signing Tyrann Mathieu

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers are going to be active in free agency this offseason with ample cap space to retain players on the roster as well as bring in external help. There are several holes on the roster that the Bolts need to fill and there is a multitude of directions the team can take between free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft.

Several big-name free agents appear to be good fits for the Chargers and one big-name free agent that could be a potential target for the Bolts is Tyrann Mathieu. Mathieu is hitting the free-agent market and would be a big name to add to a secondary that really struggled last season.

Even though Mathieu is coming from a divisional rival and has a desire to stay in Kansas City, he could still turn in his red and gold for powder blue. The Chiefs are going to have to manipulate the cap to re-sign Mathieu and Mathieu himself knows that the Chargers have a bright future.

But should the LA Chargers sign Tyrann Mathieu this offseason?

The immediate answer for many fans reading this article is likely going to be yes. Mathieu is a big name who has earned multiple All-Pro honors and would seemingly raise the ceiling of the LA Chargers defense.

However, as is the case with just about every free-agent signing, there is a more nuanced conversation to have about potentially bringing Mathieu in. In the following pages, we will break down both the reason for signing Mathieu this offseason as well as the reason against before coming up with a conclusion.

Of course, our conclusion on the matter is not going to have any kind of impact on Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley's decision-making. It might not also change your mind as a fan. We welcome all discourse in the comments below. Let's get into it.