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5 teams who could steal Kyzir White from the Chargers in free agency

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4. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots certainly know a talented LA Chargers player when they see one. The Patriots have two former Chargers who are producing for them at a high level in Hunter Henry and Adrian Phillips and before them, there were other examples as well. Junior Seau finished his career with the Pats and Rodney Harrison won a Super Bowl with the Patriots after being an All-Pro with the Chargers.

The Patriots went on a spending spree last offseason and they do not have a lot of cash to spend this go around. As it stands right now, the Patriots have $15 million in effective cap space but they also have the second-most played signed to the roster. Instead of addressing multiple positions like they did last year, the Patriots are going to pick their spots.

We might see the Pats only sign one free agent this offseason and quite frankly it would not be surprising at all if it was someone like Kyzir White. White has all the makings of being a Bill Belichick pick-up. He is coming off of a breakout season but still has not played his way into being a mainstream name that is going to get a big contract.

If the Chargers slip up, White could get a better offer from New England and join his former teammates. Belichick is someone who can legitimately tout his coaching and how he can impact White's game.

Most of all, Dont'a Hightower is a free agent after this season and likely won't be signed because of his age. Instead of drafting a rookie to man the middle of the field, the Patriots very well could look for someone like White who is cheap but has massive potential.