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5 teams who could steal Kyzir White from the Chargers in free agency

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3. Seattle Seahawks

It is going to be interesting to see what the Seattle Seahawks are going to do this offseason. The team had a terrible year but they still have Russell Wilson and weapons to make a run in the playoffs. However, at this point, it would not be all that surprising if Wilson wants out of Seattle and wants to play for a new team.

One thing is for certain and that is that the Seahawks will be making moves at the linebacker position. Bobby Wagner is entering the last year of his deal and the chances of him returning to the Seahawks appear to be slim to none.

Seattle's best interest is getting whatever draft capital they can for Wagner and if no team is willing to pay for him then they should probably just cut him. While he played relatively fine last season, he is getting older and he will only continue to regress.

2020 first-round pick Jordyn Brooks has not played great either but it is far too soon to replace him in any capacity. Instead, the Seahawks could turn to the free agent for an established linebacker who is cheaper than Wagner and can help Brooks develop as an all-around backer.

Kyzir White could be that guy. The Seahawks have the cap space to make moves this offseason and getting rid of Wagner will only create more cap space. They have more than enough to bring White in.