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5 teams who could steal Kyzir White from the Chargers in free agency

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers
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Los Angeles Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals
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2. Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are in a similar position as the LA Chargers except that they made the playoffs. While that might make it seem like the Bengals are far ahead of the Chargers, we have to consider the fact that the Bengals had the easiest strength o schedule in the league according to Pro Football Focus, so there is that.

As far as this upcoming offseason is concerned for the Bengals, the number one goal for the team should be to get protection for Joe Burrow. They have the weapons and they have a defense that has some promising pieces in it. Build up the offensive line for their young quarterback.

The team has the fourth-most effective cap space in the NFL and while a good chunk of that will probably be spent on the offensive line, there is some room to spend on defense. If the Bengals are going to spend on the defensive side of the ball then they should spend at linebacker.

2019 third-round pick Germaine Pratt is the team's main inside linebacker and he just is not that great of an option. He is not really good in any area of the game and is used in pass coverage a fair amount. The Bengals need someone with a better football IQ that can also play well in coverage.

White would fit that billing perfectly and as already mentioned, would not come at a back-breaking price and allow the team to also spend elsewhere.