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5 teams who could steal Kyzir White from the Chargers in free agency

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Kyzir White was the biggest beneficiary of the LA Chargers hiring Brandon Staley in 2021. There was always potential with White but he was nothing more than a decent cover linebacker in his first three seasons with the LA Chargers. White then took that next step up and proved to be an all-around linebacker

This came at the perfect time for White, who is now an unrestricted free agent that will certainly have several suitors calling him for a potential contract. While there will be interest from other teams, he is not out of the Chargers' price range.

Pro Football Focus ranked the top 100 upcoming free agents and predicted the contracts that they would receive this offseason. PFF projected that White would receive a two-year, $9.5 million contract. At that price point, there are going to be plenty of teams that are interested in White's services.

5 teams who could steal Kyzir White from the LA Chargers in free agency:

1. Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are the one team in the NFL that has more cap space than the LA Chargers this offseason and they absolutely can make room for White on the defensive side of the ball. Despite being a pretty good defensive team, Miami's middle linebackers were not all that great last season.

Elandon Roberts received the starting duties at one inside linebacker spot and he was mediocre at best and is also a free agent this offseason. Even if he was not a free agent the Dolphins would improve by adding someone like White over him.

There are also a lot of Brian Flores' fingerprints on this defense and with Flores being fired, management may want to cycle out some of these Flores guys in favor of whoever the new coach prefers.

Miami is a prime candidate to spend big on a receiver like Chris Godwin and someone like Kyzir White would be a good option to bolster the defense without spending too much.