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3 defensive free agents over 30 the LA Chargers must avoid signing

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Stephon Gilmore
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3. Stephon Gilmore

The LA Chargers need to add depth to the secondary if they are ever going to come close to accomplishing Brandon Staley's vision for the defense. Brandon Staley's defense thrives when a team is deep in the secondary and has some versatile pieces that it can move around depending on the packages and the matchups.

The Bolts have a good start in Michael Davis and Asante Samuel Jr. but neither of those two is a legitimate CB1 and the depth behind them is less than ideal. Tevaughn Campbell should absolutely not be playing a big role in the secondary in 2022 like he was in 2021.

The Chargers are going to have to bring in multiple cornerbacks this offseason in both free agency and the draft and they may look to bring in a true CB1. J.C. Jackson is the best corner on the market but it is hard to see him leaving New England. Instead, the Bolts could try and pursue one of the biggest names on the market in former Patriot Stephon Gilmore.

Gilmore was the best cornerback in the league in his prime and I can absolutely see Tom Telesco convincing himself that the Chargers could get that back out of him. The problem is that once cornerbacks get over 30 they are wildly unpredictable and can regress without any signs.

Signing an older cornerback to a cheap deal to play a smaller role is fine. Signing someone to a contract that is at least $12 million a season based on past production is simply not good business. The Chargers should have learned this the hard way with Chris Harris Jr.

Gilmore was actually quite fine when he did play last season but that should not convince the Chargers to spend big on a corner who will be 32 during the season.