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3 defensive free agents over 30 the LA Chargers must avoid signing

Los Angeles Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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This is a very important offseason for the LA Chargers as they look to build off of the first season with both Brandon Staley and Justin Herbert and turn that into a true Super Bowl window as teams in the past have with young quarterbacks.

The Chargers have the means to make plenty of splashes this offseason with 11 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and the ability to get up to $100 million in cap space if the team needs to. There is no excuse for inactivity this offseason. It is the most important offseason in quite some time for the franchise.

The free-agent market is going to have perhaps the biggest impact on how good the team can be in the immediate future. We saw very recently with the Cincinnati Bengals that knocking out free agency could lead to a quick turnaround and even a Super Bowl run. If the Chargers want to copy the Bengals, the formula is there.

Free agency is much more than throwing money at every big name, though. Teams have to be savvy with who they bring in and Tom Telesco has to avoid some of the same mistakes that he has made in the past.

Most notably, the LA Chargers must avoid bringing in overpriced, old free agents.

Tom Telesco does not re-sign his draft picks to second contracts often but boy does he like overpaying older NFL players. Chris Harris Jr. is the latest example of that and you could even argue that Linval Joseph was also part of the problem, although he was solid for a year and a half.

There is nothing wrong with signing a veteran player to a cheaper one-year deal to play a rotational role. That is actually a valuable part of team building. The problem lies when you give older players a decent-sized contract, especially for multiple seasons.

There are certain defensive free agents this offseason who seemingly fit the Bolts on paper and would warrant multi-year deals as a decent price. Tom Telesco must avoid these three players at all costs.